We know the decision to sell wasn't easy for you.  Heck, it may not have been your decision at all.  Whatever your reason for selling your biggest investment, our goal is to make the transition out of your home as pain-free as possible and ensure you don't walk away empty-handed.

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Don't sell to some slick Real Estate Investor for pennies on the dollar.  Partner with us and we'll work ensure the years spent in your home are not just given away. 

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The profit sharing Real estate investor

We take over your payments, rehab your home, and let you share in the flipping profits when we sell it.  No other investor offers a program like this.

a big investment

Program highlights

  • Facing Foreclosure?
  • Accidental or Tired Landlord?
  • Extensive Repairs Needed?
  • Moving Quickly?
  • Divorce?